Steve Bannon Allegedly Called Paul Ryan “Limpdick Mother F*cker” Born In Heritage Foundation Petri Dish

Image Credit: Gage Skidmore

It is no well kept secret that Steve Bannon is no fan of House Speaker Paul Ryan, but apparently Bannon felt no need to hold back about his true feelings in the months that led up to President Donald Trump’s victory last November.

God Emperor Trump

Bloomberg’s Joshua Green’s new book shares an anecdote where Bannon verbally thrashes Ryan.

From Mediaite:

Stop A Commie

Bannon and Ryan are believed to share an adversarial relationship with each other, and a new account describes the former Brietbart chief’s fury about the House Speaker’s lack of support for Donald Trump throughout the 2016 election. One section of the book talks about how Bannon reacted to the rumors that the GOP might try to broker the Republican National Convention in order to make Ryan the Republican Party’s candidate.

These whisperings reportedly caused Bannon to make plans for Breitbart to wage war with Ryan and any other member of the “globalist donor class” who stood in Trump’s way. In one angry rant, Bannon allegedly blasted Ryan as a “limpdick motherf*cker who was born in a petri dish at the Heritage Foundation,” a conservative think tank.

If true this may make Steve Bannon our second favorite person in the Trump administration after the God Emperor himself.



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