Reddit’s r/Socialism Survey: 48% Unemployed, 61% Live With Parents, 14% Support Free Speech

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The stereotype of leftists and socialists on the right wing is one of spoiled losers, unemployed, listless, with no regard for economics or the law.

But just how true is this stereotype?

God Emperor Trump

According to a public survey on Reddit’s r/socialism board, it’s painfully accurate. The survey was taken via Google Forms and asked the users a series of questions about their station in life and political views.

According to the survey – in which the results were self-admitted by the predominantly leftist users of the board – 48% of the young socialists (nearly half) are unemployed, and a stratospherically high number of 61% still live with their parents.

Furthermore, the results found that 69% of the board’s users were uneducated, 46% (nearly half) support violent riots, and just 14% support the constitutional definition of unlimited free speech.

These percentages are both appalling and exactly what we expected at the same time.

Stop A Commie

After the results of the poll were posted, members of Reddit’s r/Drama quickly found and posted the numbers to mock /r/socialism. As to be expected, the proponents of socialism were shredded in the comments for fulfilling the exact stereotype that we had long since suspected to be true on the far left – they are unemployed, uneducated communist losers.


This is not the first time that documentation of leftists being losers has been confirmed, as a study of Antifa activists in Europe confirmed that 9 out of 10 leftist protestors still live with their parents.

Ultimately, this goes to show why communist dimwits like Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren are so heavily supported by young leftists – stupid candidates for stupid people.




  1. I think it is funny they listen to Bernie virtue signalling on race when he fled NY to go to Vermont to get away from Blacks.

  2. meh – its r/socalism and a google survey. That sub is a ghost town and the survey is hardly scientific. Indeed considering that the bulk of reddit are teenagers it kinda makes sense too.

  3. This kind of ‘reporting’ is cherry piking through data. First of all there are between 560 and 570 answers which is a joke both for reddit and also for r/socialism. Secondly, what is so wrong with students not having a job? In Europe that’s quite common. You know, they’re studying for getting a job.. And from the respondents, ~60% are just that, students.
    Also, like 60% of them are younger than 21 years.

  4. To be fair, 36.4% of them answered the free speech question with “Yes with the exceptions of libel, slander, and direct threats of violence”.

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