5 Reasons Why Leftists Are Unattractive People (Inside And Out)

If you take away the puppeteered Hollywood figureheads and the thots who just use political activism as a means to acquire a following, the disparity in attractiveness between left and right is startling.

Here are a few reasons why radical leftists tend to be generally unattractive.

God Emperor Trump

1. Leftist Policies Cater To Ugly People

Feminism is a way for unattractive women to feel good about themselves, as Rush Limbaugh pointed out, and the fat-acceptance, public nudity, “ghetto kweeeen”, and myriad other niché leftist movements are also vehicles to lift up undesired classes and turn them into voting blocks.

2. Unattractive People Are More Like To Feel Oppressed And Victimized
And as such, they are easy prey for Democrats.

3. SJW ‘Fashion’ Culture Purposely Rejects ‘Traditional Beauty’ In Favor Of Shock Value

Bowl cuts, tie-dye hair colors, ruler-straight bangs, garishly drawn eyebrows, myriad facial piercings, problem glasses, and excess body hair are all gauged to shock the bourgeoisie and reject the natural order of Western attitudes on appearance.

Stop A Commie

4. Most Normal Leftists Are Hipsters

The hipster aesthetic again encourages departure from the beauty of former generations in lieu of slovenly dress and appearance. This can over-arch with the Tumblr crowd in some cases.

5. Leftism Turns You Ugly

It’s true, folks!

Anger and rage and perpetual bitchface have been proven to warp your physical appearance. As President Trump once pointed out, Arianna Huffington, once an attractive conservative, became ugly “both inside and out” after converting to liberalism.



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