7 Things To Look For In A Quality Meme Page

It’s harder to find quality meme pages ever since November of 2016, due to the self imposed retirements and unfortunate zuccings of many good pages and page admins. As of late, there has been a rapid, almost cancerous multiplication of pleb-tier pages appearing on Facebook.

In order to sort through the cuckservatives, shit-tier ratings pages, pre-Reformation swine, radical centrist cuckolds, “anyone who doesn’t talk about Jews all day is a cuck” pages, and other impediments to rational thought, we felt it important to offer our readers a few much needed guidelines.

Here they are:

1. Nationalism/Support For Western Ideals

God Emperor Trump

If you do not support the most advanced, dominant culture in the history of mankind, chances are you have weak thought processing power and can’t make good memes.

2. Edgy Teens Need Not Apply

After the explosion of right-wing internet culture online, it was naturally only a matter of time before teen cringelords gravitated to the natural edginess that results from embracing pragmatic thought in the the current political landscape.

Now kids who are basically apolitical are trying to insert themselves into politics with natsoc memes, or attempts to ‘rate’ serious meme pages, and it muddies the waters considerably.

3. Must Be Capitalist

Good memes do not originate from communist or socialist principles.

Everyone who knows anything about meme culture and meme warfare know the maxim: they can kick, and they can scream, but everybody knows the left can’t meme.

4. Must Understand Pepe

Stop A Commie

The easiest litmus test for someone’s knowledge of meme culture is to ask them what they associate with ‘alt-right mascot’ Pepe the Frog.

If they answer “Pepe means kekistan lulz” or “Le dead meme XDDDDD” it shows a basic lack of the history of alt-political memes.

Pepe has existed long before right wing meme culture. From its early origins in 2004, to the beta uprising, to Pepe Trump, the beautiful cartoon frog is timeless.

5. Must Generally Support Trump

Credit: Gage Skidmore

As a symbol of populist culture and alternative thought alone, President Donald Trump is undoubtedly the holy grail of right-wing meme culture. Don’t trust anyone who doesn’t have at least three GOP Primary memes about the Donald.

This is not to say support must be undying or unconditional. However, as Department of Memes has painstakingly recorded, President Trump’s list of wins is extensive.

6. Must Have Good Helicopter Memes

The physical removal of communists via rotary aircraft is an essential meme because it combines humor with cold reality. In order to defeat the radical left, one will need both a sharp wit and a valid pilot’s license.

7. Must Be Pro-2nd Amendment

Find a European meme page that claims to be right wing? Ask them about gun control.

For some reason any time you point out the many logical fallacies involved with disarming the public, Europeans sperg out and start spamming MSNBC articles about how 6 gojirrion schools are shot by MG-42 assault rifles every 14 milliseconds in the United States.


In the meantime, as you search for quality meme pages, make sure you’re subscribed to both the God Emperor Trump backup page and the author’s page, Memelord For Hire. This will ensure your newsfeed is loaded with quality content each new day in the never ending meme war we find ourselves pressed into.



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