Putin To Trump: These [Media] Are The Ones Who Insult You?

During the G20 Summit of world leaders held in Hamburg, Germany, an interesting conversation was caught on a hot mic between President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin during their historic meeting.

God Emperor Trump

While meeting with the press, Putin leans toward Trump and clearly asks in English, “These are the ones who insult you?”

Trump initially seems to struggle in hearing Putin’s question and leans in close, then points at the camera as he leans back and says “These are the ones,” causing Putin to laugh, “you’re right about that.”

Stop A Commie

The meeting between the two presidents has been widely publicized by both the American and Russian media, including their first handshake early this morning.

This year’s G20 Summit has seen protests and full blown riots in the streets, even causing First Lady Melania Trump to remain behind as the police were unable to ensure her security to travel from her hotel to the location of the summit, however, it appears to have been a success for world leaders.



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