VIDEO: Pot Bellied Goblin Attacks Alex Jones With Hot Coffee On The Street Then Runs Away

According to, Texas-based radio host and Infowars founder Alex Jones was attacked with boiling coffee on the streets of Seattle, as video footage of the incident shows.

God Emperor Trump

Jones was filming a live report about the Islamic terror attack in Barcelona, Spain earlier Friday morning when he was taunted and flipped off by one of Seattle’s trademark hipster fags.

Jones pursued the heckler for a short distance and traded some brief insults before returning to his camera crew, where a new antagonist approached him on the sidewalk.

The antagonist in question, who Jones would describe as “physically grotesque” and soulless, was a beta manlet who checked off all the boxes from Department of Memes’ earlier article on how to spot a beta cuck – pudgy, balding, bespectacled, and apparently mentally challenged.

Stop A Commie

The pot-bellied goblin repeatedly bumped into Jones, and then escalated the conflict by attempting to douse the conspiracy theorist with an open container of boiling coffee.

Jones did not physically respond to the attack, and the creature mimed throwing the coffee again before hastily scuttling back down the street and out of view.

The Infowars founder did not appear to be seriously harmed during the encounter, and continued filming the live broadcast.



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