Piers Morgan Doesn’t Understand Gender Differences, Makes Fun Of Bilingual Polish Man (VIDEO)

In a recent interview with Polish politician Janusz Korwin-Mikke, Piers Morgan decided to twist the right-leaning politician’s statements as if he had some sort of misogynistic narrative to push.

Morgan took issue with a statement Mikke had made in the past, specifically that “women are paid less because they are shorter, weaker, and less intelligent than men.”

First of all, Mikke’s first language is definitely not English, and while Morgan is screaming at him constantly while calling him all sorts of names, we see Mikke struggle to get words out while simultaneously processing the conversation.

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With this information in mind, we can examine Mikke’s claims in a fair and balanced way:

1. Women are “weaker” than men

Sorry, but this is true. On average, men are physically stronger and more athletic than women. This is mostly because men have more muscle mass, particularly in the upper body area.

2. Women are “less intelligent” than men

Now, at first, this statement is not sexist. It is a very poor way for Mikke, who again is not a native English speaker, to express that men have higher IQ variance than women.

This means that while the average IQ of men and women are pretty much the same, there are more stupid men than stupid women and there are also more smart men than smart women.

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3. Short men and women are paid less

Again, a simple google search will prove this statement true. According to research done by the University of Exter, people with shorter height also tended to have lower levels of education and less income – specifically in men. Mikke forgot to mention that the disadvantages of being short in the workforce was worse for men than it was women.

It can be difficult to understand Mikke at times, but he truly had some good things to say. One quote in particular stood out “[In people] there are differences and differences should not be equalized at all.”

Obviously, this was just a chance for Morgan to try and bully a right-winger, only instead he attacked an older, non-native English speaker for citing facts about gender differences. Probably because the last time he went after a conservative who could speak English well, it didn’t go so well for him.

While Morgan occasionally makes good points and has been a somewhat reliable defender of President Trump throughout the campaign and his young presidency, Morgan frequently proves to be a total moron when it matters.

We would remind our audience that this far from the first or even the second time Morgan made a total ass of himself on television, lest we forget when he tried to take on the legendary Alex Jones in a debate about gun control.



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