PewDiePie Drops Red Pills On BBC In Savage New Video

PewDiePie recently became one of the leaders in redpilling Generation Z after being labelled a racist by the British media, and his newest video features a stunning smack down of British television channel BBC3, specifically it’s cancerous YouTube presence.

His new video, “Never Say This To A Gamer,” mocks the feigned outrage shown in a BBC video about what makes gamers angry. Many of the questions and comments are directed at female gamers, who become furious whenever asked about their identity as a gamer.

God Emperor Trump

Because women playing Candy Crush are totally serious gamers, and considering yourself a “gamer” is required if you have ever so much as logged into Farmville, at least according to BBC3.

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“I don’t understand why you have to define yourself by the fact you play video games,” rants PewDiePie, “to me that’s just fucking pathetic.”

PewDiePie then critiques a second video released by BBC3, “Things You’ll Know If You’re A Woman On The Internet,” which is exactly as bad as it sounds, maybe worse.

Among the many things women on the Internet cannot abide by are dick pics, men flirting with them on dating apps, and targeted ads with weight loss tips. According to one of the women, targeted ads make her so angry she begins to physically shake.

One particularly well fed landwhale complains, “I always get the advertisement for, like, ‘lose the belly fat,'”

Stop A Commie

PewDiePie responds, “that’s because you’re fat” then cues the X-Files music.

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The video concludes with PewDiePie reminding his audience that BBC3 is a taxpayer funded entity. If British taxpayers want to enjoy conventional television, they must pay the government for a television license. The proceeds of this television license then fund BBC3’s cancerous videos about why men are terrible and dick pics are literal rape.

This is not the first time a major personality has complained about BBC’s taxpayer funded status, as Nigel Farage famously tweeted in anger after BBC Radio 1 tweeted what amounts to a campaign ad for British Bernie Sanders knockoff Jeremy Corbyn.

We should be thankful we only have NPR and PBS in the United States. Yes, they’re both cancer, but they’re not nearly as invasive of a cancer.



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