Your Pet Is More Intelligent Than A Leftist

God Emperor Trump

It is truly a sad reflection of the current state of politics that the intellect of the average citizen activist is below that of common household dog or cat. (This holds true for big-government shills on both sides, but is far more accentuated amongst the radical Marxist left.)

Here are but a few examples…

  • Animals have a strong sense of self-preservation. They will not willfully destroy their families and themselves or cozy up to potential predators in the interests of “compassion” and “tolerance”.
  • Your dog is not confused about the gender spectrum and fluid identities, nor will your cat try to remove its own genitals in the interest of personal sexual expression.
  • Animals recognize the hierarchy of life. They understand that some creatures are born superior to¬†or stronger than ¬†themselves, and they accept their natural place in tbe world.
  • Pets have a strong sense of territory and borders. The importance of personal space and the dangers of outsiders in their communities are basic instincts of self-preservation. This concept is apparently lost on Marxists and libertarians.
  • Lesbianism is a myth, and the actions of every developed species of fauna on earth confirm this. Male-on-male sexuality is common, but girl-on-girl action is not a thing in any known species.

As more and more stories surface about the derangement and degeneracy of the radical left, one is left to wonder if the end goal of communist propaganda is to leave man more uncivilized than beast.

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