PC POLICE: New Website Lists Every Video Censored, ‘Sandboxed’ By YouTube

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A new website plans to list every video that has been censored or “sandboxed” by YouTube as the Google-owned social media juggernaut continues to double down on censorship and demonetization of right wing opinions.

The website’s owner made a post to 4chan.org’s /pol/ to explain his motive for making the website, CensoredList.com. According to the original poster, “the list of videos censored and sandboxed by youtube is growing, ” inspiring him to “put together a site with direct links to these videos and will updating as I find more videos censored in this way so that we don’t lose them forever.”

God Emperor Trump

As of August 28, the website lists at least 10 videos that have been censored or “sandboxed,” the new term for when YouTube disables likes/dislikes, comments, and sharing options on a given video, and they range from politically incorrect to totally innocuous.

A few of the video titles are “Do Africans Really Have an IQ of 70?” “Race Realism | A Black Man Discovers The Truth About Race & IQ (Reversing The Spell)” “MIGRANT “SEXUAL EMERGENCIES” – Plaguing the Swimming Pools of Europe (Black Pigeon Speaks)” and “I’m in Facebook Jail for 24 hours.”

The original poster also wrote on the 4chan thread that he plans to create a different section of his website for videos that have been demonetized, but as of yet have not been sandboxed.

YouTube personalities ranging from pro-Trump conservatives Lauren Southern and Paul Joseph Watson to liberty-loving Trump critic Ron Paul have seen their content demonetized, meaning YouTube will no longer include them in their ad program.

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The website has social media presences on Twitter and Facebook, where they direct people to the now censored videos.

YouTube has faced almost constant criticism over the last few months, as they have pushed LGBT propaganda and migrant propaganda while demonetizing and censoring those on the right. Most recently, YouTube came under fire for firing an engineer who wrote a memo with the seemingly common sense suggestion men and women are not biologically alike.




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