Thug Gropes NYU Student, Security Only Describes Suspect As “Dark-Skinned”

A student at New York University was recently groped by an unknown assailant, and the University’s description of the attacker is drawing criticism from the conservative members of the school’s community.

The summary of the assault in the NYU Safety alert was as follows:

The victim was walking south from Washington Square North, towards Lipton Hall, when she was flagged down by an unknown male in Washington Square Park. The victim approached the male who was sitting by the chess tables. As she walked over, the male stood up, grabbed the victim and began grinding his genitals on her genital area. During the assault, the suspect told the victim she was beautiful, that he just got out of prison and was looking for a good time. The suspect let go of the victim and asked to take the victim out for dinner, “no strings attached.” The victim said “no” and the suspect responded, “okay, well maybe next time.”

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Department of Memes received an email Sunday afternoon from a New York University student regarding the safety alert sent to students and faculty the groping incident in Washington Square Park.

In the alert, which was forwarded to Department of Memes by an anonymous student at the Universtiy, the attacker is described as a “dark-skinned male, wearing black pants, similar to sweatpants… baseball cap and a plain gold chain.”

The description of the attacker’s clothes and physical description is fairly detailed, except for the strange, exceedingly vague “dark-skinned” descriptor.

Our source claims to have knowledge that the “dark-skinned” suspect is in fact black. If the suspect was not black, the point remains. By not giving an accurate description of the attacker, students are at greater risk.

If the attacker is Indian, Southeast Asian, Middle Eastern, Hispanic, or any of the many different racial and ethnic makeups that could be considered “dark skinned,” students deserve to know so they can be better prepared.

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If true, this would be a rather pathetic decision by New York University security. Such a purposely vague description allows the depraved predator the chance to go unmolested and able to attack another unsuspecting woman.

According to the email, New York University Security turned over the relevant details to the NYPD, who is pursuing the case further.

There are no known suspects.

At the very least, we can take solace in the fact that the apparently homeless suspect is reported to be “between 5’3″ and 5’5″ tall,” and is likely to be beat down by an alpha conservative if he continues his groping endeavors in the future.

Shame on New York University for putting political correctness over students’ well being.

As G.I. Joe – who reeks of deliciously toxic masculinity – taught us, “knowing is half the battle.”



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