New White House Hire Scaramucci BTFO’d CNN, Called Congressmen ‘F**king Jackasses’ 

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As news of White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer’s resignation hit the airwaves, we looked up the fellow who allegedly caused the resignation, incoming White House Communications Director, Mr. Anthony Scaramucci. Sources say Spicer was “adamantly opposed” to Scaramucci joining the White House, and left following his addition.

The verdict on Scaramucci is in, and it seems positive.

God Emperor Trump

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Scaramucci has worn the hats of financier, entrepreneur, and author during his professional career, and has served on the Trump Finance Committee and the Presidential Transition Team Executive Committee. He was named an Assistant to President Trump and appointed Director of the White House Office Of Public Liason And Intergovernmental Affairs in January of this year.

In December 2016, Scaramucci told New York Magazine that people in Washington “have no fucking money” and that such people, congressmen in particular, are “fucking jackasses.”

His most high-profile activity in recent months was forcing three CNN staffers to resign over a fake news story that was based on ‘anonymous sources’ linked him to supposed Russian interference in the election, and stated he was under investigation by the Senate Intelligence Committee. It was a disgusting breach of (already very low) standards of journalistic ethics and integrity by CNN, which has consistently published false stories that try to damage the Trump administration.

Stop A Commie

Scaramucci quickly contacted CNN and with under threat of legal action the story was retracted and three of the guilty staffers fired. The memes of this devastating defeat for the fake news media were unsurpassed until the Trump-CNN GIF fiasco when they doxxed someone for making a meme.

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All in all, we will miss the Spice Daddy, but with the role of Press Secretary currently being adeptly performed by Sarah Huckabee-Sanders, and the appointment of the charismatic, no-nonsense Scaramucci to Communications Director, it looks like the PR compartment of the Trump Train will be in good hands.



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