#NeverTrumpers Fundraise For Stupid Website, Can’t Get Enough For A Used Car

Image Credit: Gage Skidmore

The comically bad website, a poorly optimized abomination called The New Americana, claims to represent True Conservatism™, and seems to think they can finally Stump the Trump in spite of a readership consisting mostly of the Editor-in-Chief’s mom.

According to their GoFundMe page, the website started in April of 2016, and is basically the most pathetic thing any of us at Department of Memes have seen since Jeb(!) Bush dropped out of the primaries.

God Emperor Trump

On their outdated About page, they claim that President Trump is basically Hillary Clinton with snappy looking suits:

“Sites like Drudge, Fox News, and Breitbart take their love affair with Donald Trump too far. We believe that Trump is not a conservative outside of his immigration ideas. Does that mean we support Hillary Clinton? Absolutely not! Both are corrupt. Both are liberals. We will support those politicians, organizations, and patriotic citizens that fight for America the right way.”

As with most cuckservatives, they spent a lot of time talking about what they oppose and virtually none at all talking about what they are supposedly trying to conserve. For example, they advocated finding some other cuck to vote for in 2016 because “TRUMP AND HILLARY ARE BOTH BAD GUISE”

“This election year, that means that we must find an alternative to the Trump and Clinton. Choosing between the lesser of two evils is choosing evil nonetheless. This is something that we’ll write about in-depth in the coming days.”

And yes, they really are begging for money. Six months ago they started a fundraiser using crowdfunding website GoFundMe to beg their readers for shekels.

In six months they raised a laughably low $3,250.

Readers might read this and assume the website has been abandoned, the stone cold capitalists running the website on to their next venture, but no. They are still updating the website daily, even though the link to their Facebook page is broken and on Twitter their average tweet gets between zero and two ‘likes.’ Retweets are a rare sight for the failing publication.

Stop A Commie

The website is run by a hilariously ugly man named Steve Berman. Berman, of course, is a former contributor to the stale cuckservative website Red State, which is also failing hilariously but to a lesser degree.

Department of Memes writing about this laughing stock of a website is probably the best thing to ever happened to them. Our viewers will undoubtedly give them more traffic than they have seen since their launch.

However, the laughs are by far worth it.

As President Trump once said, “I like to see bad people fail.”



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