Did Mike Cernovich Fall For Parody ‘Laguna Beach Antifa’ Twitter Threats?

Credit: Vas Panagiotopoulos, Mike Cernovich

Screenshots of direct messages are being passed around on Twitter suggesting author, journalist, and Twitter personality Mike Cernovich offered to pay Laguna Beach Antifa, a parody group similar to the legendary Boston Antifa, to disrupt an event held by Richard Spencer.

Richard Spencer is the President and Director of the National Policy Institute who recently rose to national recognition when The Atlantic filmed his supporters give what appeared to be Roman salutes during a speech at the National Police Institute’s conference.

Shortly after the conference, he was called “controlled opposition” by Cernovich on Twitter and on his website, Danger and Play. The article is now deleted, but an archived version still exists. Cernovich would go on to apologize for making this claim.

It is believed Laguna Beach Antifa is a parody group, as it began around the time Boston Antifa, a satirical group inspired by Facebook page God Emperor Trump, rose to prominence, and posts tweets and videos like these:

God Emperor Trump

However, the story carries weight because Cernovich publicly responded to the accusations on Twitter, noting that if he wanted to use violence to cause problems for Spencer, his followers would do it for free.

Note: While the author has received help from Mike Cernovich in having the God Emperor Trump Facebook page reinstated, Cernovich later blocked me from Twitter for questioning his journalistic standards.

Spencer himself does not seem to believe the DMs are valid.

Stop A Commie

This controversy comes as Cernovich faces criticism for allegedly failing to provide receipts and verification of donations for the May 22 terrorist attack in Manchester.

While the DMs may indeed be fake, some wonder about the meaning behind Cernovich’s response. It is confusing why he would address a controversy from a parody account, what makes Richard Spencer his “stalker” and why he would suggest that he could have such disruptions committed for free.

Spencer, Cernovich, and Laguna Beach Antifa all did not immediately respond when asked for comments. We will update this story as it develops.

Update 4:56 ET: Laguna Beach Antifa again vouched for their authenticity, but has not yet offered proof the screenshots are not edited.

Correction: This article was updated at 3:13 ET to correct that Spencer’s supporters gave what appeared to be Roman salutes. Spencer himself raised a glass.



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