The Real Reason the Left Can’t Meme

It seems since the moment Donald Trump declared his presidential campaign, the left’s attempts at satire and memes have become more and more pathetic, to the point where the entire left wing of politics has become a badly scripted comedy sketch with a child’s level of self-awareness.

The reason? Leftists are losers with no sense of humor.

God Emperor Trump

They cannot handle defeat, and more importantly, they cannot handle mockery. Driven exclusively by hatred and internalized self-loathing and projection, they seek to expel any interrogation of their values and hypocrisies, which is precisely what political memes are intended to do.

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Every defeat at the hands of Trump, Republicans, or online and IRL shitposters is met not with humility or self-reflection but a crazed doubling-down on the same policies that brought them the stinging backhand of rejection in the first place.

In this regard, Michael Savage’s assertion that liberalism is a mental disorder is proven correct, for what is the definition of insanity if not repeatedly engaging in self-destructive behavior and continually expecting a different result?

Leftists have been trained by the corporate media to believe they are the pinnacle of human achievement, even though they are likely unemployed and living in their parents’ cuckshed.

Stop A Commie

Leftists, viewing themselves as the pinnacle of virtue and intellectual prowess, strives above all to have their opinions taken seriously, and are immediately enraged in the face of mockery and scoffing rebuttal. This is why Shia Labeouf immediately sought to physically assault people armed with mockery and frog cartoons.

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Because of this willful ignorance, nothing will change. The losers will continue to lose and resort to violence.

The left will still be unable to meme. Their shitposts will not cease to be garbage-tier.

And the right will continue to point and laugh.



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