Looters In Texas Are Shooting At Rescuers, Trying To Steal Their Boats

Hurricane Harvey has been called a once in a life time hurricane, and the storm has left Texans stranded and unable to find their way to safety, depending on the government and Good Samaritans like The Louisiana Cajun Navy to rescue them.

Unfortunately, looters are running rampant throughout Houston and the other densely populated areas in Texas, and have shot at and tried to steal the boats of citizen rescuers in The Cajun Navy.

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The Louisiana Cajun Navy confirmed this on Facebook in a now deleted post, and again in one of their live streams.

The group’s spokesman told viewers they are “not exactly sure which boat it was, or who it was, or what group it was,” but confirmed that “it was looters, they’re not wanting our boats around them because, of course, they’re looting.”

Fortunately he went on to say no one in The Louisiana Cajun Navy has been injured.

“Everyone’s just being very careful going around any areas where there’s actually stores,” he continued, “watching for looters.”

After the attack, the Louisiana Cajun Navy went back to the area of the attack with marshals.

“They went back in there with a couple marshals on air boats to try to check on the situation, a couple of our guys’ boats had broken down, they were trying to take the boats from them of course.”

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“There’s people out there pretending like they need to be rescued and then they’re robbing the boats. There’s also people out there in boats pretending to be rescuers and then they’re robbing the people,” said the spokesman. “This is just what’s happening.”

Throughout the live stream, the spokesman denounces CNN for covering the shooting dishonestly in their coverage.

“CNN, I used to call them ‘completely negative news,’ and I usually don’t talk to them, but they caught us off guard. They called, I talked to them.”

The Louisiana Cajun Navy has been fielding a record number of calls asking if any of their volunteers have been injured or killed.

The Louisiana Cajun Navy describes themselves as a group of citizen rescuers and good neighbors:

“We the people of Louisiana refuse to stand by and wait for help in the wake of disasters in our State. We rise up and unite and rescue our neighbors!”

They are on Facebook, and have a website set up for donations.



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