Licensed To Troll: How Frog Memes Are Rapidly Becoming The Next Frontier Of The Right To Self-Defense

In these hyper-polarized times, it is not uncommon to hear terms like ”hate symbol” and ”speech violence” thrown around to describe images and words (specifically, ”alt-right memes”) that the political left finds offensive. The types of censorship proposed for these supposed visual crimes border on the restrictions one would expect for high-capacity automatic firearms.

One might think the comparison of these two subjects laughable, and understandably so, but the author would beg to differ.

As you probably know, the original American Revolution was sparked after tyrannical government elites tried to seize private armories of citizen-owned muskets, cannon, and ammunition. The resulting shots heard around the world not only resulted in the filthy Britbong cuck army being driven from the New World, but set the precedent that citizens had the right to overthrow corrupt globalist elites with whatever weaponry they had at their disposal.

God Emperor Trump

Fast-forward to the present day. Though the danger of draconian government is just as great as it was back in the days of powdered wigs and buxom mistresses, the prospect of delivering whup-ass to corrupt politicians at the point of a gun appears much less likely.

However, there is another type of weaponry – psychological rather than literal – that the globalist elites and their beta cuck drones are just as unnerved about.

I speak, of course, of dank memes.

The war on cartoon frogs is a prime example. The Southern Poverty Law Center notoriously declared Pepe the Frog as an antisemitic hate symbol. Mentally challenged cartoonists on Facebook beg for the Zuck to ban offensive images between shilling for Patreon donations. There have been highly publicized attempts to “kill” Pepe (brilliantly foiled by memetic specialists such as yours truly).

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Facebook is renowned for persecuting users who post “offensive” content. However deluded the above communists are in intentions with their war on memes, they do have a point.

Stop A Commie

“Meme Warfare,” after all, did vanquish the Democrat Party’s presidential candidate and install one God Emperor Trump to the highest station of power in the free world, among myriad other savage cuckings of leftist figures across major social media platforms.

The power of memes is undeniable, and in the hands of veteran shitposters across the interwebs (to /pol/ and beyond) they are as effective in bringing about swift and unprecedented political change as a brass-bound eighteenth- century flintlock musket fully primed with powder and ball.

Our memes are psychological weapons of war.

Our symbols are the holy language of a thousand gods.

Our fellow shitposters are blood brothers, comrades-in-arms to Valhalla, Elysium, Kekistan, and beyond.

We must never surrender our rights to free speech, oral, written, trolling, or otherwise. The voice of the silent majority must never be suppressed.

Memetics is the revolution of the people, and we frog-posters are the agents of change.




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