Liberal Politician Writes Blatantly Fake Racist Letter To Herself, Gets BTFO On Twitter

Beth Fukumoto, a Democrat in the Hawaiian State House of Representatives, claims to have received racist hate mail from a supporter of President Trump, but through basic analysis, Twitter users have all but confirmed she sent the letter to herself in yet another hate hoax meant to frame the president as a racist or a proponent of racists. 

Fukumoto posted the tweet on August 16, mere days after the now infamous Charlottesville protests that quickly devolved into violent confrontations between the Alt-Right and the Alt-Left. She used the hashtags #racism and #WhiteSupremacy, and addressed President Trump directly in the tweet.

Glancing at the letter it already seems ridiculous. In the digital age, what racist in California is going to sit down and type out a letter on strange, lined paper, print it, and send it to a woman in Hawaii who before this was a complete nobody (in about two weeks when people forget about this hate hoax she’ll be back to being a complete nobody).

However, Twitter power-user Thomas Wictor examined the letter, the envelope Fukumoto claims it was sent in, and the stamp that was used to send it, and can all but verify it is a blatant, pathetic hate hoax meant to smear President Trump and his supporters as a bunch of historically illiterate bigots who hate everyone but straight, white, Christian males.

God Emperor Trump

Stop A Commie

Absolutely royally BTFO.

The United States Post Office is usually pretty good about making sure to cancel stamps considering that is literally how they make their money. This alone would provide enough evidence to consider the letter a fake. The additional research about the origin of the letter is the final nail in the coffin of this hate hoax, as it all but confirms the envelope’s origin.

Imagine being stupid enough to fail this badly at creating a hate hoax. They’re not sending their best, folks.

Wictor continued with his thoughts on the issue:

Removal of Democrats. Now that is an idea we can all get behind.

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