Are Leftists Really Scheming To Appropriate Pepe The Frog?

According to some reports, Epep the Toad is the left’s newest attempt to meme. It’s so simple you can imagine how it would work in the mind of a leftist: “Hey Pepe is really popular, let’s make him a different shade of green and call him Epep! That way we have a mascot too!”

There was even a screen shot of a CNN article about Epep the Toad:

Except here’s the problem. That screenshot doesn’t correspond to a story. We can find no evidence that Epep is a widespread meme on Tumblr, a den of leftist degeneracy, nor can we find an archived link to the CNN article, which we should undoubtedly be able to locate if they deleted it.

God Emperor Trump

So where did Epep spawn? (Forgive the pun)

The earliest example of the name Epep we can find comes from some obscure website called Storyboard That from October of 2016, and it is definitely not what we’re looking for:

Vyrobené zo Storyboard That

Yeah. That abortion of a storyboard is definitely not what we’re looking for.

Combing through the Google results, there is only one example of Epep the Toad that would at first glance appear to be created by a leftist. It is the Tumblr blog Epep the Toad, and it features precisely one post:

There is also a post on Reddit where users discuss how to respond to Epep, and it is mostly met with laughter.

4chan also discussed what to do with Epep, with users generally laughing at the left’s inability to meme and questioning why anyone in their right mind would simply change the color of Pepe the Frog and call it their own meme.

Stop A Commie

Ironically, autists on /pol/ made more Epep memes than we were able to find on Tumblr. Scrolling through the threads, people have made dozens of unique Epep memes in an attempt to win the meme war against the left by reclaiming Epep the way the ADL attempted to reclaim Pepe after it was labelled a hate symbol.

However, another result for Epep comes from three days ago, from the website


This meme clearly suggests Epep was created as a right wing meme during what has been called CNN-gate, when CNN doxxed and blackmailed the guy who made the wrestling meme Trump tweeted.

While this research is by no means conclusive, it is almost certain that the left did not create Epep. It is entirely more likely that the right created Epep, and then realized the potential for it to totally mind fuck the left. Some enterprising shitposter faked the CNN article, and let us all laugh about how the left can’t even come up with their own mascot.

Frankly, the truth is probably better. The left can’t even attempt to steal our mascot.

The left simply cannot meme.



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