Wasserman-Schultz’s Former IT Staffer Arrested, Says Charges Due To “Anti-Muslim Bigotry”

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The attorney for Imran Awan, former IT staffer to Representative Debbie Wasserman Schultz IT, who was arrested on bank fraud charges while trying to flee the country with $283,000, is blaming the criminal charges against his client on “anti-Muslim bigotry.”

God Emperor Trump

Here we go again.

Apparently bank fraud fraud is only a valid charge if the suspect is a white conservative Lutheran who has a fish symbol bumper sticker. Or perhaps the laws about criminal misconduct themselves are racist and Islamophobic.

According to Washington Examiner:

“‘For months we have had utterly unsupported, outlandish, and slanderous statements targeting Mr. Awan coming not just from the ultra-right-wing ‘pizzagate‘ media but from sitting members of Congress,’ Christopher Gowen, Awan’s attorney said in a statement obtained by the¬†Washington Examiner.

‘The government had been informed he would travel and had stated no objection. Yet on Monday night he was hastily arrested at Dulles airport,’ the statement read.

Awan, a former IT congressional staffer for Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, D-Fla., was arrested on Monday by FBI agents Dulles International Airport while attempting to board an international flight.

Awan pleaded not guilty to one count of bank fraud on Tuesday at his arraignment in Washington, D.C. He was released but will be required to wear a GPS ankle monitor until his preliminary hearing on Aug. 21, according to Fox News.”

What the attorney meant by “right-wing ‘pizzagate’ media” is unknown, but what is for sure is that Democrats, in their own eyes, never do anything wrong and all allegations of criminal misconduct against them are the result of evil “ultra-right” bigotry and prejudice.

Stop A Commie

For those who have forgotten, Awan’s former employer, Wasserman-Schultz, resigned from the Democratic National Convention in disgrace after leaked emails revealed she rigged the Democratic primaries to ensure Hillary Clinton would win, effectively stealing the nomination from Senator Bernie Sanders.

Good luck winning an election with that mindset, kids.



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