Lauren Southern’s Patreon Was Deleted Because They Hate Right Wingers

Following the aftermath of Vidcon, there’s been a lot more discussion about large companies and organizations becoming more and more comfortable openly pushing a political agenda.

God Emperor Trump

Unfortunately, none of this discussion has stopped Patreon from cutting off the main source of income for Lauren Southern, a popular libertarian independent journalist.

Southern quickly tweeted out an angry response to this news, which was quickly spread around Twitter.

This was followed shortly after by a video going into more depth about the situation.

Stop A Commie

In the video, Southern explains the reasoning behind her excommunication from The Church Of Free Speech™.

In their email, Patreon accuses Southern of “[taking] part in activities that are likely to cause loss of life”. Southern gathers that they are referring to the Defend Europe Mission, which is an organization that aims to legally slow down illegal immigration.

Southern points out that she never actually was involved in the organization, although she did express interest. She goes on to say that even if she did get involved with the organization, Defend Europe Mission never actually puts lives in danger, on the contrary, Defend Europe actually calls for help when they find migrants in danger.

It’s obvious after reviewing Patreon community guidelines that Southern didn’t break any of the rules, and that this is an ideological move on Patreon’s part to shut down their opponents.



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