We Just Figured Out Why Karen Handel Won And It BTFOs Violent Leftists

Karen Handel’s impressive victory in the Georgia Special election against cuckold Jon Ossoff led many Democrats to experience the kind of grief they had not felt since November 8, 2016. They simply could not understand how their candidate could lose with $30 million in campaign funds and countless Hollywood celebrities shilling for Ossoff.

God Emperor Trump

This ad is exactly how.

The ad begins “the unhinged left is now endorsing and applauding shooting Republicans, when will it stop?” and continues “It won’t if John Ossoff wins on Tuesday.”

The ad shows vulgar tweets, letters, and threats superimposed over the now infamous Kathy Griffin photo.

Honestly if more Republicans ran ads like these they would never lose. It is one seriously spicy meme, and we would be proud to have it on our meme pages.

Stop A Commie

Principled PAC, the organization behind the ad, declares the following on its website:

The Principled Leadership Project (Principled PAC) identifies and supports principled conservative candidates who will lead the fight to restore constitutionally limited government, free markets, and individual liberty to our republic. 

In order to restore the American Dream for future generations, like-minded citizens must be united in support of candidates who will stand up and fight for our founding principles. We believe that in order to change Washington, we must replace the career politicians who only pay lip service to our values with principled conservative leaders who have the backbone to stand up to the Washington elite.

Frankly we had never heard of this group before this ad, but if they keep producing content like this, they’re going to end up being a major force in American politics.




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