Joy Villa: Political Correctness Has Gone Too Far, Words Aren’t Violence

In a new YouTube video, Joy Villa, musician and vocal supporter of President Donald Trump, delivered a four minute monologue questioning the culture of political correctness, and specifically whether or not words can ever be equated with actual physical actions.

God Emperor Trump

“We’re in something we weren’t in before, and this is this politically correct speech,” Villa said, “We have to be proper in what we say, we can’t offend anybody. Otherwise, well, it’s like we’re gonna kill them, right?”

Villa went on to say she would much rather people insult her appearance, beliefs, music, or just about anything than face actual harm.

“I would much rather you insult me, troll me, tell me you don’t like my music, tell me I’m ugly, tell me I’m fat, I’m deranged, I’m a racist, I’m misogynistic than actually commit violence against myself,” she continued, “I would much rather have insults than physical violence.”

“We should be allowed to say things not everyone is going to agree with.”

Joy Villa famously gained national recognition when she wore a Make America Great Again dress to the Grammy’s in early 2017.

Stop A Commie

Her fashion sense unleashed a flurry of gifs, memes, and triggered snowflakes melting at the idea that a Hollywood approved musician would ever defy the leftist narratives about President Trump being an orange hued reincarnation of Adolf Hitler.

Honestly, the redpilling of this (albeit perhaps relatively low rank) Hollywood celebrity has been great to watch, even if she is just now grappling with the kind of basic facts the majority of right wingers have accepted for years.



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