J.K. Rowling Refuses To Delete Slanderous Tweets About Trump, Is A Terrible Person

Update 8/1/17: Rowling finally apologized. 

J.K. Rowling has made a name of herself since President Donald Trump’s victory, often equating President Donald Trump to characters from Harry Potter, the series of children’s books that saw her elevated from homeless divorcee to globally known author.

The most recent incident involved the disabled child allegedly ignored by President Trump. An incomplete video suggested the president supposedly ignored a little boy in a wheelchair, leading Rowling to write her next piece of fiction about the tyranny of Adolf Trumpler with a series of tweets.

God Emperor Trump


However, the full video has since surfaced, and it is very clear that the very first thing President Trump does upon entering the room is walk straight to the boy in the wheelchair and greet him.

The first part of this video came out several days ago and most media outlets, Twitter personalities, and YouTube channels have retracted their original comments. However, JK Rowling has ignored the video completely and refuses to delete her abusive tweets or apologize, much to the dismay of her critics.

Rowling is even being called out by journalists and other individuals who have not exactly been friendly to President Trump, including Chelsea Clinton. Yes, a Clinton literally has more class than Rowling.

Stop A Commie

Perhaps the most upsetting part of this whole debacle is that Rowling actually used her own mother’s disability to further her political stance.


It’s shocking that even children’s authors are willing to resort to using disabled people to discredit their political opponents.

At the end of the day, leftists are making themselves look foolish and immature by pulling stunts like this. It’s annoying, but it will never be enough to stop President Trump from making America great again.

File this one under “Reasons Trump Won.”



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