Jeremy Corbyn Calls for Squatting in Mansions Amid ‘Day of Rage’

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Jeremy Corbyn, The United Kingdom’s version of Crazy Bernie, is at it again, this time encouraging people to squat in empty homes in the wealthiest parts of London if they were made homeless by the recent Grenfell Fire.

The Telegraph reports:

The Labour leader has said ministers must do more to find homes for the families who lost everything in the devastating blaze.

Last week he said that vacant properties in the borough should be requisitioned for those made homeless by the fire.

On Sunday, he went further by appearing to suggest that people should be allowed simply to occupy vacant flats and houses wherever they could find them across the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea.

God Emperor Trump

In case you think this claim is being exaggerated, this is the exact quote:

“There are a large number of deliberately kept vacant flats and properties all over London – it’s called land banking. People with a lot of money buy a house, buy a flat, keep it empty.”

A typical leftist, Corbyn apparently has no idea how closely property rights are linked to civilization and is willing to upend the building blocks of our society for the sake of some cheap shots against the conservative government.

This comes as Corbyn’s most radical followers are planning a “day of rage” to create civil unrest in the hopes that the conservative government will step down:

It comes amid fears that Corbyn supporters are planning to capitalise on Theresa May’s vulnerable position and launch civil unrest in a bid to force her from power.

Thousands of Left-wing militants are expected to descend on Parliament on Wednesday to disrupt the Queen’s Speech.

Organisers of the so-called Day of Rage have urged Grenfell victims to join them in the march, claiming the demonstration could “bring down the Government”.

Oh but wait, there’s more.

Stop A Commie

The march has been organised by the Movement for Justice by Any Means Necessary, which was formed in 1995 by Marxist groups. In online adverts, shared on social media, campaigners urge protesters to “walk out of school, take the day off, call in sick, strike”.

The group’s Facebook page calls on supporters to: “Shut Down London – Bring Down the Government.” The calls for mass dissent come just days after Left-wing protesters stormed Kensington Town Hall to demand action for those affected by Grenfell.


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