Islamic State Bomb Instructor Blows Up His Entire Class By Accident

An ISIS leader was in the middle of conducting a training session for future goat humping Saracens when he accidentally detonated a live bomb vest, blowing up the entire class and killing 21 of his students, including himself, according to reports from Baghdad.

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The general ineptitude of Islamic militants is well-documented, as they appear to struggle carrying out tasks that do not involve the rape and murder of innocent women, children, and animals.

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This is why President Trump called them out in a speech following the latest IS attack in the UK as “violent losers”, a term that seems all the more poignant after the Baghdad incident.

According to local reports, it was rumored that the class instructor was explaining how to arm and detonate the suicide belt when he triggered it by accident, resulting in mass fatalities and providing a humorous demonstration of how Islamic State continues to be a movement run by mentally restricted losers.

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While we should not count on their stunning incompetence to end the conflict in Syria and Iraq, it is comforting to know there are 21 less of these degenerates roaming the Middle East and Europe.




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