‘He Will Not Divide Us’ Season 5 Is Here And 4chan Is Ready To Strike

The trailer for Season 6 of He Will Not Divide Us just dropped Sunday morning, and the new season looks fucking lit.

For those who need a quick recap of HWNDU, here the rundown: In January of 2017 fading D-list actor Shia LaBeouf created a so-called live stream “art project” in the wake of President Donald Trump’s inauguration. The project was one of a string of failed publicity stunts by LaBeouf, who has also tried to stand in an elevator for 24 hours and been raped by a woman, among other things.

God Emperor Trump

Season One was set at the Museum of the Moving Image in front of a webcam where leftist filth were encouraged to repeatedly chant the phrase “He Will Not Divide Us” in bovine unison. 4chan’s /pol/ quickly caught wind of this and organized IRL trolling raids, featuring icons like Sam Hyde, Moonman, Brittany Venti, and Pepe the Frog.

Thoroughly humiliated in New York (one might say thoroughly LaBTFO), LaBeouf moved his cuck-cam to a crime-ridden area of Albuquerque, New Mexico, where multiple shootouts between black gangs were caught on video that necessitated the abandonment of the project, resulting in the end of Season 2.

Having failed in public venues, Shia abandoned the participatory part of his project and set up a “He Will Not Divide Us” flag in a field in an undisclosed location with nothing on camera but the flag and the sky, in an attempt to keep the project safe from /pol/. Unfortunately for him, he was unfamiliar with the weaponized autism anons were capable of, and in just 24 hours anons on 8chan’s /hwndu/ board managed to cross-reference flight-patterns of passing aircraft seen on the live stream, satellite imaging, ambient noise from local wildlife and cars, and star maps, among other things in order to deduce the exact location of Shia’s stupid flag.

Within two days, the flag was captured during a night time black ops raid in Tennessee by an anon who proudly displays it on his basement wall, having won the greatest game of Capture The Flag ever played.

Stop A Commie

For Season 4, Shia LaCuck moved the flag across the Atlantic to the United Kingdom atop a secure roof top in Liverpool, England. Once again,  where anonymous operatives infiltrated the location within two days. Once more, LaBeouf was ordered to remove the flag by local police, as autists scaling roofs to retrieve it posted a threat to public safety.

For Season 5 things, things reverted to the virtual world as the HWNDU website was hacked by an autist who posted an inspiring message on the site’s homepage. A server containing an animated 3D world featuring a virtual version of the flag was invaded and the flag replaced with one featuring Pepe.

That brings us to the present, August 2017. It has been discovered early Sunday morning that some cuck has started a new live stream on the HWNDU website where a new flag is displayed against a wall.

4chan autists have already begun preparations to identify the flag’s location and claim it for /pol/. The constant deletion of strategy threads by website moderators have made it difficult to follow the exact plan of action for finding the webcam, but /pol/acks have already begun approximating a location from the time lapse of sunlight visible on the live stream.

Once a location has been pinpointed, anons plan to use laser pointers against window glass to find the correct building, and then draw up plans for retrieving the new flag.

Other ideas are in the works to take down the live stream itself, should pinpointing a location prove unfruitful.

We’re not sure exactly how this thing will end, but one things for sure: we will be watching with rapt attention as the next chapter of the world’s most elaborate game of Capture The Flag plays out in front of our very eyes.



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