Hungarian PM: “As Long As We Govern, We Will Reject Migrant Quotas”

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Hungary’s Prime Minster Viktor Orban defiantly stated that Hungary will reject the European Union’s migrant quotas so long as his government is in power and is supported by the people of Hungary.

“Brussels is openly siding with terrorists,” declared Orban. He continued, “Those who support migration, want to demolish the [border] fence and would let migrants of uncertain origin, identity and motivation settle in Hungary are acting against the Hungarian nation.”

Orban also declared the massive southern border fence erected to keep migrants out of Hungary to be a permanent installation so long as he remains in power.

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Polish newspaper Rzeczpospolita reports that when making this statement, Orban referenced the results of an opinion survey meant to gauge the Hungarian public’s mood regarding the European Union’s insistence on accepting the welfare migrants they call refugees.

The survey, mailed to 1.7 million Hungarians, had been mailed back by 1.4 million Hungarians who overwhelmingly reject the EU’s migrant quotas.

Orban also accused the EU of acting under the influence of Hungarian citizen and former Nazi asset George Soros, who has been accused of funding protests against President Trump in the United States.

Hungary under Orban’s government has been taking steps to limit the impact of Soros by shutting down Soros’s university.

In an April interview, Orban blasted Soros’s fantasy of a borderless world and Soros’s attempts to influence politicians.

“So let me repeat: these [open borders theories] are conceived in the Soros workshop, and these have also infiltrated a number of international institutions.”

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While countries in Western Europe continue to bend under the weight of political correctness and accept migrants with no background checks, it appears Hungary will continue to remain strong.



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