Feminazi: The Triggering – Being A 300lb Feminist Has Never Been So Fun

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Finally, a game shitposters of all types can get behind.

Feminazi: The Triggering is a third-wave feminist simulation game. The user must praise everyone with a dark complexion while screaming vitriolic insults at any and every white male. The game also includes other proud feminist pastimes, including:

  • Aborting male babies
  • Avoiding violent people of color while shooting white bystanders
  • Vandalizing places of business
  • Feminist dance therapy

Feminazi: The Triggering was created using Kickstarter, exceeding its very modest £64 goal with a whopping £415 in pledges.

The game functions like a normal top-down view adventure game, similar to the original Legend of Zelda. However, Feminazi requires more time and resource management than most games of its genre.

God Emperor Trump

When the player starts a new game they will first notice notice the three health-like bars. Rather than Health, Stamina, and Magic, these bars are Triggering, Tolerance, and Fatness. In order to keep playing, the player will need need to keep all these bars above zero.

In order to keep the Triggering meter nice and healthy, the player will have to spend a fair amount of time vandalizing buildings and cars while yelling at straight white males. The player must also avoid accidentally targeting a minority while yelling, as doing so will lower the player’s Tolerance bar.

Just like in real life, the pixelated feminist avatar only cares about tearing down white people.

In order to maintain Tolerance levels, the player must travel the map welcoming refugees and sending out messages of tolerance and diversity to minorities. Be warned, though! If the player should accidentally say something nice to a white person, the player’s Tolerance meter will instantly tank.

Last but not least we have the fatness bar, which really is a non-factor as far is gameplay is concerned. This bar goes down so slowly that it never directly affects gameplay at all. The player must simply make sure to grab a burger off the road once in a while, as the bar cannot be fully depleted.

There is no such thing as a skinny Feminazi.

Customization is possibly the best feature in this bargain of a game.

Stop A Commie

Players are able to choose all sorts of different hairstyles and outfits for their character, and even some flags to hold as they parade around the map stuffing their face, insulting white people, and virtue signalling to minorities. These flags include the Antifa flag, Soviet Union flag, and my personal favorite, the #KillAllMen flag.

The game developers, an indie studio called Hyperborean Games, included all of these customization settings with meme culture in mind.

“We also focused on ability to create your own memes with this game, so we added things like character customization and gender editor,” the developers told us, “where you can create your own gender if you are not satisfied with 30 genders that are already there.”

Attack Helicopter gender confirmed.

Ironically enough, Feminazi: The Triggering, a game mocking multi-gendered feminists, is probably the only video game to date with this sheer variety of gender choices. Feminists should be jumping with joy.

The only real issues with the game are the controls. While playing with a controller is intuitive enough, playing the game using a keyboard and mouse is going to feel fairly awkward at times, especially in a few of the minigames.

Possibly the best part about Feminazi: The Triggering are, well, the triggered IRL feminists. They’ve taken to Twitter to let the game developers have a piece of their mind.

Disgusted? Sounds triggered.
How dare you let this game developer help people in need!

In conclusion, Feminazi: The Triggering is a fun jab at third-wave feminists. There aren’t endless hours of gameplay within the title, but if you’re looking for a good laugh, at 99 cents this is definitely worth your time.

Feminazi: The Triggering was released February 20, 2017, and a free DLC was released shortly after. It is available on Steam, and you can follow the game’s developers on Facebook. They’re shitposters, so it might be worth your time.

Full Disclosure: Department of Memes received review copies of this game in exchange for a fair review. 



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