Europol: Expect More Terrorist Attacks, Not Less

While the Islamic State (formerly ISIS, IS) may be losing ground in the Middle East, the Muslim terrorist group has no difficulties recruiting men, women, and children to launch terrorist attacks in Europe, says the European Union’s police agency Europol.

Apparently exploiting European sensibilities, the Islamic State is bucking the typical Muslim attitudes toward women and children, with Europol noting they have “increasingly operational roles in committing terrorist activities in the EU,” as they have “fewer obstacles” than men.

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According to the agency, 2016 saw 718 people in Europe were arrested on suspicion of “jihadist terrorism,” and we should expect the number to rise in 2017.

This report comes after the General Curtis Scaparrotti, leader of the US European Command, said the risk of terrorism was “probably higher in Europe than any other part of the globe, with the exception of the places we’re actually physically fighting [terrorists], like Syria […] Afghanistan and Iraq.”

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Meanwhile at The Religion of Peace,  a website that tracks terrorist attacks inspired by Islam throughout the world, the record keepers tallied 120 attacks and 1,229 deaths so far in what they term the “Ramadan Bombathon,” a term meant to point out the sharp rise in terrorism that seems to occur alongside the month-long Muslim fast of Ramadan each June.

If the death toll continues to rise at its current rate, 2017’s Ramadan may see more deaths than 2016, when the website counted 238 attacks and 1,850 deaths from radical Islamic terrorism.

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