Democrats Are Terrified Of Hillary’s Tear-Stained Book ‘What Happened’: Here’s Why

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Hillary Clinton has a shitty new memoir coming out, and the DNC is terrified.

Department of Memes reported earlier this year about why Shillary’s tear-soaked diary will fall flat, just like her other literary ventures in the past. But this time, conservatives and libertarians aren’t the only ones hoping no one buys what the Hilldawg is selling.

God Emperor Trump

According to Bloomberg:

“Many Washington Democrats, though unwilling to criticize her in public, wish she’d ‘move on,’ as Senator Al Franken has put it. They fear that her complaints help Trump make his case that the controversies surrounding him flow from the Democrats’ bitterness about their 2016 loss.

They prefer the approach taken by Al Gore after his equally controversial loss in 2000. Gore didn’t really criticize the administration of President George W. Bush for almost two years, even though he, like Clinton, won the popular vote while losing in the Electoral College. (Gore lost when the Supreme Court stopped a vote recount in Florida.) Gore went on to start a new career, winning a Nobel Prize for his work on climate change and starring in the Oscar-winning documentary ‘An Inconvenient Truth.’

Associates hoped Clinton would also find a way to make a different contribution, perhaps as a university president or foundation head. There have even been suggestions that she move overseas for a couple of years.”

That’s right, Democrats would rather have Hillary leave the country than keep running off at the mouth about how her loss in the 2016 campaign was everyone’s fault but hers.

Personal responsibility and concern for the brand of the Democrat Party, however, appears to be the furthest thing from Hillary’s mind:

“But she remains haunted by her defeat. The gist of her message next month, based on her public statements and accounts of private conversations from people who’ve talked to her, will be: I accept the blame for what happened, but the bigger problems were Russian meddling, Comey’s on-again, off-again handling of the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s probe of her private email server, the Democratic Party, and maybe even some of her own campaign staffers.

The Clintons, associates say, are convinced that the election was stolen. They may be right; we’ll find out soon enough whether there’s proof that the Trump campaign colluded with Russia. If investigations by congressional committees and special counsel Robert Mueller turn up new facts, that’ll provide a better basis for analyzing the impact.”

I can help out our friends at Bloomberg with that one – there’s no proof of “muh collusion” and the Clintons will end up being BTFO by yet another dishonest excuse if they keep yammering on about it.

Stop A Commie

The article concludes with a telling observation:

But Clinton is the wrong messenger. She just comes across as a sore loser. Or as Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer told the Washington Post last month: ‘When you lose to somebody who has 40-percent popularity, you don’t blame other things — Comey, Russia — you blame yourself.'”

But grace and humility continue to be obstacles to Hillary which she haltingly plows right through, like 70-degree weather at the 9/11 memorial.

And truth be told, we will never tire of watching her fail.



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