Dating Expert Calls British Women ‘Overweight and Entitled,’ Prefers Eastern European Waifus

Daily Mail has published an article from a bestselling seduction expert who is now dropping heavy red pills on feminism, ideal body size, and traditional women.

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This is too good.

Department of Memes is surprised that such a leftist publication would give a platform for such woke content, but they have.

Via The Daily Mail:

Richard La Ruina, 37, from Cambridge has published two bestselling-books on seduction and was named ‘Britain’s number one superstar chat-up artist’ by a newspaper in 2008.

The dating expert says that British women have become entitled and overweight and firmly advises clients to avoid homegrown ladies and go for Eastern European girls – who are more feminine, well mannered and prettier in his opinion.

In fact, after realising that British women were ‘not marriage material’, Richard moved to Moscow, Russia in 2011 with the sole purpose of finding a girl to settle down with. He dated around 200 ‘good and beautiful Russian women’ before he met his wife Katia in February 2015.

Richard, who married Katia, 26, in December last year, says: ‘In my professional and personal opinion, I would recommend that my male clients not date British women. If you’re looking for a woman who is beautiful, intelligent and has good manners, then go for an Eastern European girl.”

And he doesn’t stop there. Like Department of Memes, our hero goes on to name the thot and dismember the internal and external ugliness of feminism, shredding the cuckoldry of Britain in the process.

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He continues:

“‘Obviously my mother is English and not like this – but in general, I think British women are entitled, overweight and less feminine. They want a guy who is successful, good-looking and chivalrous even though they don’t have much to offer in return.

‘And they want the man to be a gentleman even though they refuse to fulfill the traditional role of the woman in the household and take care of their looks. English women just think they deserve to be with a man like that.”

And La Ruina isn’t done there.

He goes on to praise the traditional family values of “ladylike” Eastern European women, who have ideal taller, thinner bodies; and lambast the looseness of British thots who get drunk in clubs, curse and swear, and go home with men on the first night.

It’s a refreshing breath of fresh air to hear an expert on women tell us publicly what we’ve all known inside for a long time – feminism makes you ugly and entitled, whilst traditional, feminine women are the master race.



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