How Dabbing Became Racist: A Sh*tposter’s Confession

An official Facebook page for Black Lives Matter with over 650,000 likes shared a meme suggesting the “dab,” the name for when someone points their arms toward the sky and puts their face into their elbow, is in fact a racist symbol used by white nationalists.

God Emperor Trump

Clearly the most humorous thing the page has ever posted, it went viral and has been shared over 7,000 times as of this article’s publication.

But how did Black Lives Matter become convinced that dabbing was a white nationalist gang sign?

A shitposter messaged the God Emperor Trump Facebook page with the juicy details.

Hey, I’m friends with the guy who made the DAB meme. I figured GET should be the first page to have the actual story on how the meme got created. If you could keep me anonymous I’d appreciate it, and he’s given me this statement to pass on to you guys so that he too can stay anonymous:

“Basically we had an event at my church where a hundred kids from around the community showed up, ages 7-14, and a ton of them were dabbing incessantly which I found irritating. This was at the same time that people were starting to say that 👌 was racist so I decided to try and capitalize on the zeitgeist and destroy dabbing among the normie youth.

I made a series of images and posted them in a thread on /pol/ several months ago but I got banned for spam and it never took off until a few days ago I realized that it had been unironically shared by a major BLM page over a month ago and I had the biggest lol of my life”

Department of Memes asked the anonymous poster for visual confirmation in the form of a screenshot of the Photoshop file used to create the meme, and the absolute madman actually sent it:

Stop A Commie

Yet another example of low IQ leftist degenerates falling for extremely obvious bait.

Did meme magic strike again? We think so.

Let us know if you agree in the comments.



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