Commemorate First Trump/Putin Meeting With $2,500 Gold Embossed Nokia


It takes a real alpha male to buy a $2,500 phone made of gold and titanium, or so believes Russian company Caviar Phone. They believe this beautiful Nokia 3310 – one of the most durable phones – will soon be considered a collector’s item cherished for years to come.

God Emperor Trump

The website modestly describes the phone:

In honor of the meeting of the Russian and US presidents, Caviar created a collection model of the Nokia 3310 with portraits of the leaders of the two countries. For the first time profiles of both presidents are placed on one device. The fact that their views are directed in one direction – no doubt expresses the general desire to achieve progress in Russian-American relations. However, we should not forget about the principledness and firmness necessary to protect justice and our own interests, the interests of our country – in order to emphasize precisely these features, the designers used tempered titanium with the damask steel pattern. The design of the phone also interprets the emblem of the G20 summit and indicates the date and venue of the historic meeting.

This phone will become a memorable gift for everyone who is not indifferent to modern history and politics, as you know – if you do not engage in politics – politics will take care of you.


  • President Trump and President Putin are facing the same direction, suggesting a mutual desire to repair and progress Russian-American relations
  • The titanium and damask pattern indicate toughness and strength
  • The G20 emblem indicates the date and place of their meeting
  • If you don’t buy this phone you’re pretty much a beta cuck willing to be ruled by child molesting aliens

That last one may be paraphrased, or made up, but the first three are legit.

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