College President To Snowflakes: ‘This Is Not A Daycare, This Is A University’

Dr. Everett Piper is the president of Oklahoma Wesleyan College, and some may remember him for his based open letter to bitchy leftist college students which went viral in 2015.

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In the letter, Dr. Piper addressed the growing problem of safe space culture on American campuses, where SJW cucks and thots are indoctrinated by Marxist professors on how to become professional victims and snowflakes.

Grievance culture is a major problem among college-educated millennials, primarily because of the politicization of the broken and corrupt American education system.

On an appearance on Fox And Friends last Friday, Dr. Piper talked about his new book and his experiences with college snowflakes over the years.

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Via Fox News:

The president of Oklahoma Wesleyan University went viral in 2015 for an open letter that called out over-sensitive college students who feel ‘victimized’ whenever someone disagrees with them. ‘This is not a day care,’ Dr. Everett Piper wrote. ‘This is a university.’ Nearly two years later, Piper is still standing in opposition to what he calls the ‘snowflake rebellion.’ On ‘Fox & Friends’ this morning, Piper said Oklahoma Wesleyan is a liberal arts college, but some students have put too much emphasis on the ‘liberal’ part.”

It’s certainly refreshing to see that some campuses have no intention of catering to the type trigger warnings and word policing that has crippled the intellect of so many American youth.

With luck, we will have a red pilled new generation of critically-thinking young people thanks to the efforts of people like Dr. Piper.



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