CNN May Face Class Action Lawsuit After Calling All Trump Supporters Nazis

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Joni Turner, a self described “attorney by trade, American citizen by right,” is in the process of organizing a class action lawsuit against CNN after the network has repeatedly labeled all supporters of President Trump as Nazis, white supremacists, or at least tacit supporters of racism.

Turner is currently sending cease and desist letters to build a case for the class action lawsuit against CNN, which she says is a direct response to the “bullying” supporters of President Trump have received from the cable news network.

According to the website used to organize the lawsuit, currently called Our Takedown, Turner believes that “it is time to hold CNN accountable,” and she claims she is “using every avenue available to Legally go after CNN for using their ‘Fake’ News Platform to ‘Defame’ ‘Bully’ ‘Target’ and ‘Destroy’ Conservative Americans.”

God Emperor Trump

In a Persicope video posted to Twitter on August 27, Turner read part of the cease and desist letter drafted to send to CNN. The video was titled “CNN Cease and Desist.’

According to Turner, the cease and desist letter “carries legal weight,” and she plans to send two such letters in order to build her case to get a legal injunction from a federal court against CNN.

“It can be done. Listen, it can be done,” Turner told her viewers, “I start every case like we’re going to end up in trial. Nine tenths of the attorneys out there are scared to death to walk into a court room, they’re all talk until you say let’s take it to trial buddy, then they run like little girls. You know, kind of like Antifa does.”

“I want to be in court, in front of 12 people that weren’t smart enough – I’m stealing this from Trey Gowdy – 12 people that weren’t smart enough to get themselves off of jury duty.”

Stop A Commie

Turner says her cease and desist letter names Turner Broadcasting Inc, CNN, Jeff Zucker, Don Lemon, Van Jones, and others at CNN.

Turner also clarifies that she has not yet certified the class for the lawsuit, meaning she is not legally anyone’s attorney yet, but says she is “writing this letter on behalf” of those supporting her.

At one point in her video, Turner reaches out to the denizens of 4chan and Reddit’s r/the_Donald, saying trolls are welcome to join her in the lawsuit.

While she says it would be improper to read the entirety of the letter before serving it to CNN, Turner read parts of the letter on her Persicope video:

“To the above, I am sending this first official cease and desist warning on behalf of a group of 20,000 American citizens and Trump supporters. Your cable news network, known as CNN, is now placing these and millions more Americans in imminent fear for their safety and well being. Further, your deceitful reporting and intentional lies about conservative American citizens have, and continue, to violate all of their constitutional rights of free speech freedom of religion and rights for peaceful gathering. Most concerning is the target you and your continued fake news reporting has placed on the back of every Trump supporter and conservative American citizen by claiming as a fact in your news reporting that these individuals are racist, Nazis, white radicals, white supremacists, immigrant haters, race complicitors, KKK sympathizers, and anti-Americans.

CNN Inc collectively, and more specifically, self proclaimed news anchor Don Lemon, political commentator Van Jones, self proclaimed Republican strategist Ana Navarro, and Jeffrey Adam Zucker must individually and collectively cease and desist the following actions as laid out specifically here and below. These actions are in violation of 18 USC 594, 18 USC 2385, Federal Menacing Statues, Harassing, Intimidation, and Violation of  constitutional rights, and most of all in violation of Georgia’s Title 16 Chapter 11 Article 2 Crimes against a citizen.”

Turner says she is not able to list the specific violations, but does read the end of the letter.

“If these actions are not immediately ceased the American citizens plan on collectively bringing a federal class action lawsuit against all persons and entities listed above.”

Department of Memes previously reported on CNN’s possible lawlessness in the state of Georgia when the cable news network doxxed and blackmailed an individual who made a meme that was later posted on Twitter by President Trump.



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