CNN Allegedly Violated Law By Doxxing, Blackmailing 15-Year Old

Image Credit: Matthew Reichbach

As Department of Memes reported, CNN recently bragged about how they threatened and coerced the creator of the controversial Trump tweet from this Sunday that featured a GIF of the President body-slamming Vince MacMahon with CNN’s logo superimposed over the latter’s face.

Compounding the allegation that the coercive contact CNN engaged in with the Redditor who created the meme is the revelation that the latter may in fact be a minor at only 15 years old.

God Emperor Trump

If true, this would be an unprecedented breach of ethics and journalistic integrity.

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Reports are still coming in, but it appears the ‘Fake News’ Network may be up to its Wolf Blitzter problem glasses in legal trouble over its unprofessional and allegedly unlawful handling of the situation.

Stop A Commie

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CNN yet again proves it’s willing and able to drop lower than Monica Lewinsky in the Oval Office to demean and persecute anyone who goes against the mainstream leftist thought bubble, even if it’s some scared kid who made a meme.

Update: Jack Posobiec confirms HanAssholeSolo is 15, and he is an LGBT Trump supporter.



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