Chicago Group Aims To Abolish Gender, Protest Trump With Movie Nights

A Chicago anti-Trump organization called ‘Breakaway Chicago‘ may be the strangest thing the left has created yet. They raised over $6,000 on Indiegogo to build an anti-Trump gym, have weekly potluck dinners to protest President Donald Trump, watch movies to protest Trump, write letters to prison inmates to protest Trump, and read terrible books in a purple-haired book club… to protest Trump.

Also, they are the parent organization of the Gender Abolition Group, or GAG.

According to their website, GAG is “a group primarily composed by gender-queer/women approaching and respecting radical feminism from a stance that calls for gender abolition,” which makes absolutely no sense no matter how many times you reread it.

God Emperor Trump

Let this sink in a little bit.

A group of radical, probably fat women who hate men run the Gender Abolition Network. They run GAG. Gag. They gag on gender.

The main group, Breakaway Chicago, was first brought to our attention by a shitposter on /pol/ several days ago, and it has literally taken this long for us to figure out how to write a story about it, because every time we try, the rabbit hole has gone deeper.

These are literally the most insane people on the planet. This is surely peak leftism.

By the way, their Indiegogo campaign was a kind-of-success. They ran what is called a “flexible” campaign, meaning they got to keep all funds collected even though they didn’t reach their goal. Their goal? $50,000. The amount they raised? About $6,000.

Their website is almost entirely nonsensical, but if anything on there can be considered their mission statement, this must surely be it:

Stop A Commie

A tentative vision: a powerful, autonomous territory takes shape between a multiplicity of spaces and infrastructures – hubs, farms, clinics, hack-labs, cafes, workshops, print labs, gyms, mesh networks, foundries, and forests – in neighborhoods and small towns from Chicago to Milwaukee to Detroit. Thousands of individual and organizational relationships are forged as fighters/builders/growers young and old find each other, experiencing a solidarity born of combining their capacities – skills, knowledges, resources, and passions along shared trajectories such that they will become capable of actually supporting an exit from our current, untenable way of life. In short, a territory full of all kinds of forms of life, rich in diversity yet united in the belief that this fight is the only dignified and just response to our time. And who over time have developed the means to take care of themselves and others in a growing and deepening way. As the Zapatistas say, we are “walking while questioning.”

Yeah we didn’t catch that either. Somethingsomething social justice somethingsomething communism.

Also, they’re on Twitter, because of course they’re on Twitter.

Can anyone give us a translation on their pinned tweet? Anyone?

After writing this I feel like I’ve been trolled. Is this an elaborate troll? How did they raise $6,000? How do potluck dinners protest Trump?

How are they going to “immediately and patiently grow our capacity and power – starting from our reality, what we want, what we need, and where we want to go?”

What does that even mean? What does any of this mean?

This is why journalists drink. This shit right here.



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