BTFO: Dem Lawmaker Arrested Protesting Outside White House

In another example of how badly the Beltway swamp needs to be drained with an electric sewer pump, a Democratic congressman was found acting in such a retarded fashion outside the White House that he had to be led away in handcuffs earlier today.

God Emperor Trump

Democratic Rep. Luis Gutierrez of Illinois is a noted beta cuck and illegal immigration apologist, who has called for President Trump to be ‘eliminated’ from office, amongst other things. He is a stain on the record of public service and a disgrace to the office that he holds, even for Illinois.

The author would gladly exchange Rep. Gutierrez to be deported to Mexico in place of an illegal immigrant, but unfortunately, it appears we are stuck with him for the time being.

As Daily Caller reports, Gutierrez, a multiple-time offender, was arrested during a protest earlier today:

Stop A Commie

“Democratic Rep. Luis Gutierrez of Illinois was arrested along with roughly 30 fellow protesters outside the White House during a gathering commemorating the fifth anniversary of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. The protesters were arrested for sitting on the sidewalk outside the White House after attending a rally in Lafayette Square across the street, according to The Hill. Gutierrez, a well-known immigration advocate, defended the protest shortly before his arrest. ‘The same values that I inculcated in my daughters, that my wife and I raised them, [Dreamers] are an example and exemplify them. Their dreams are just like my kids’ dreams,’ Gutiérrez told The Hill shortly before his arrest.”

Well, there’s about the biggest endorsement for deporting so-called ‘Dreamers’ that one can think of.

As mentioned before, this is not the first time that Gutierrez has committed crimes while defending illegal aliens:

“The protest comes as the DACA program faces a potential legal challenge from a coalition of 10 states led by Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, who have vowed to mount a legal challenge if President Donald Trump does not rescind the law by September 5. Nearly 800,000 people brought to the country illegally as children have been granted legal status under the law. This is not Gutierrez’s first brush with the law. He has been arrested three times previously for protesting, including two arrests outside the White House in 2010 and 2011 in immigration-related rallies. Doug Rivlin, a spokesman for Gutiérrez, said he has been taken to Park Police headquarters in Anacostia Park by Park Police officers, who have jurisdiction over the area in which Gutierrez was arrested.”

It’s sickening to see that the Democrat Party has devolved into a sewer of crime, insurrection, and anarchy, but on the plus side, it guarantees that they will continue losing elections. And losing badly.



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