GREAT AGAIN: American Consumer Confidence Reaches 16 Year High

Image Credit: Gage Skidmore

Consumer confidence swells to a 16-year-high as President Trump’s economic reforms and executive orders combined with the ever rising stock market begin to give regular Americans relief from years of stagnancy.

God Emperor Trump

As if the $100 billion slashed off the federal debt wasn’t enough, there’s even more good economic news for the US of A.

Despite the media’s ongoing fake narratives that the world is gonna end because of President Trump, American consumers do not seem to agree. Bloomberg reports that, by the week of August 20th, the country just saw its sixth consecutive week of an increase in American consumer confidence nationwide, bringing it to a 16-year high.

The report now is that 52.8% of consumers are optimistic about the future of the country’s economy, surpassing the previous high of 52.1% in August of 2001. At the same time, the current view of the economy rose to 53.2%, the highest since 51.3% in April of 2001.

Stop A Commie

The confidence is pretty widely shared among all major political blocs with one exception: Democratic voters, who are naturally upset since they can’t stop losing. But Republican voters are at a 10-year high in their economic confidence, while the confidence of independent voters is even higher, also rising to a 16-year peak. Lastly, the confidence of married couples also rose to its highest point in 16 years, since March of 2001.

This is especially comforting since it proves that the media has lost virtually all of its power in its efforts to spread fear and chaos among the American people. Whether it’s Russia, Charlottesville, North Korea, or any other attempts at fear-mongering, the numbers do not lie; American wallets are getting fatter, and that always guarantees good political fortunes for the party in power.



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