Racist Black Women Leave $3 Tip On $240 Bill Because Trump Or Something

A waiter in Texas is confused to say the least after he was given a $3 tip on a $240 bill by a group of three black women who had been sitting at the restaurant for over two hours.

The three women came in to the Texas restaurant, requested a table large enough to seat 8, and proceeded to order appetizers, drinks, and entrees that took the trio over two hours to consume.

God Emperor Trump

The waiter, who asked to remain anonymous, served them with a completely professional demeanor the entire time.

When the check finally came, the total came to $240.

The waiter, who is paid only $2.15/hr by the restaurant, was expecting somewhere between $36 and $48 as a tip, between 15% and 20% of the total check.

However, the trio of women left three $1 bills to thank the waiter for his service.

On each of the bills, a different black supremacist message was written.

Stop A Commie

The first note reads “Forever Black, The Chosen Ones,” the second bill reads “Black Love,” and the third bill reads “Impeach Trump.”

The racist messages are icing on the cake considering $3 on a $240 bill is a 1.25% tip.

While the waiter supports President Trump, the women had no way of knowing this when they paid the bill. He wore no political paraphernalia to work, something he would never dream of doing. By his account the women were treated as any other customers would be treated.

The idea that black people do not tip is hardly revolutionary.

African American culture and entertainment website Ebony notes that “it is no secret that black people are thought to be bad tippers,” and goes on to offer four theories as to why blacks have this reputation.

Regardless of any socioeconomic considerations, a $3 tip – inscribed with racist messages, breaking federal laws against defacing currency no less – is a horrible way to treat a waiter who spent two hours meeting the needs of the customer, and did so at a table large enough to accommodate 8.




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