‘Black Pastors’ Sue Coca Cola For Selling To Blacks, Coke’s Response Is Perfect

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Coca-Cola is well known for their leftist values and marketing campaigns promoting immigration and ‘equality’, but apparently, that wasn’t good enough for two dumb ass black pastors (imagine if there was such a thing as ‘white pastors’ or ‘Asian priests’), who filed perhaps the most low-intelligence lawsuit of the year against Coke and the American Beverage Association.

Their lawsuit alleges that the obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease problems rampant in the black and Latino ‘communities’ are not the result of low impulse control and unintelligent dietary choices, but a sinister campaign of white supremacy and genocide calculated to destroy the health of people living in inner cities.

“We’re losing more people to the sweets than to the streets,” Delman Coates and another clergyman told the Washington Post. In the same interview he said he has seen members of his congregation give infants bottles filled with sugary drinks, but apparently that’s the result of Big Soda racism rather than poor life decisions.

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Coca-Cola dismissed the claims as “legally and factually meritless” and promised to vigorously defend against them. It’s a refreshing response from a normally eager-to-pander corporation.

In a perfect world, we would love to see Coca-Cola and the ABA file a counter suit against the two pastors, but unfortunately being a race-baiting jackass is not a civil offense under US law at this time.



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