Bill Nye “My Sex Junk” Cringefest Nominated For Emmy Award By Deluded Liberals

Television Academy Chairman Hayma Washington claims to be “thrilled to once again honor the very best that television has to offer” for the 2017 Emmy Awards, but one has to cast doubt on this assertion after reviewing some of the nominations.

God Emperor Trump

Once again proving itself to be a self-co gratulory laughingstock, Hollywood has nominated a particularly cringeworthy episode of mechanical engineer Bill Nye’s idiotic new TV series, Bill Nye Saves The World.

Titled “My Sex Junk” the episode was openly mocked by both left and right alike for its incredibly awkward musical performances that attempted to tie new parts of the sexual spectrum to the hard sciences. The highlight is actress Rachel Bloom ‘singing’ onstage about how transgenderism, sexual preference, and gender identity are all interchangeable and apparently essential to the average viewer’s daily life.

Stop A Commie

The video is one of the most heavily disliked titles on YouTube, but apparently that won’t stop Hollyweird from trying to give it an award for perpetuating more cringeworthy Marxist tripe.

And it won’t stop us from continuing to point and laugh.



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