Bearded Lady Teaches Toddlers About Drag Queens in SJW Kids Show

Queer Kid Stuff is a YouTube channel devoted to teaching degeneracy to young children, and this video may be the most disturbing yet. The channel uses a Peewee Herman set mixed with Sesame Street presentation to teach small children all about drag queens.

As usual, the left is celebrating this horrifying freak show. Huffington Post wrote an article titled “Here’s An Amazing Way To Explain Drag Culture to Kids,”, telling parents to plop their toddlers down in front of a screen, and let this butchy lesbian creation and her friend “Miss Ter” explain why fully grown men with hipster beards like to wear dresses and makeup.

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From the article:

“Drag is something that’s really accessible to kids because they’re so used to dress up and play as a part of their everyday routine,” Amer told HuffPost. “We wanted to talk about it for Pride Month because of the deep roots drag has in LGBTQ+ celebrations and because kids going out to parades with their grown ups are going to see lots of people in drag and they might have questions. Who better to answer those questions than a drag queen?”

Huffington Post is basically giving free advertising to this abomination because it pushes their agenda.

The butchy host is named Lindsey Amer, and her sidekick is Teddy, a stuffed bear puppet, who plays the role of the child in the program. Teddy asks the drag queen his pronouns twice, both before and after putting on a dress.

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As if children would not be horrified enough by the sight of “Ms. Ter,” Teddy has a series of disgusting questions, including “Ms. Ter, why do you have a beard?” The man in the dress responding, “When I do drag I love to push the boundaries of gender, and also doesn’t it look great?”

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“Drag queens are the host of the queer community,” explains the bearded woman when asked by the puppet character about the purpose of drag queens, “We make sure everyone’s having a good time, whether that’s performing lipsync numbers, singing live, or just doing some dance shows,”

And horrifyingly, Amer breaks in to say “That’s actually kind of like us, Teddy, we host Queer Kid Stuff!”

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first video from this channel. Famous right wing trans woman Blaire White recorded an expose on Queer Kid Stuff earlier this year called “The Worst SJW Yet: Brainwashing Children”.

Apparently having learned a lesson from the Internet fame that comes with White revealing your degeneracy to the world, Amer now appears to disable the ‘like’ and ‘dislike’ function on all of her videos, but it is safe to say YouTube users are not having any of this degeneracy from the comments section.

Remember to pay close attention to what the children in your life are exposed to on the Internet. While there are plenty of based right wing YouTubers, there is always the chance they could stumble upon this type of brainwashing material and have their brains melted.



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