BBC Propaganda Piece ‘Trump Is Deporting Our Parents’ Will Make You Cry Laughing (Video)

The BBC’s newest propaganda piece follows a family who has been hilariously ripped apart by the administration of President Donald Trump, as the two parents who have been illegally squatting in the United States for over two decades are finally facing justice for their crime.

God Emperor Trump

Here’s a pro-tip: Don’t come to this country illegally if you don’t want to be deported.

After the United States Border Patrol arrested the parents, they made sure the oldest sibling, 19, was able to take the role as the legal guardian of the children, and left.

The pain of the loss of their parents apparently makes the family break down in tears, although the daughters seem pretty happy throughout the video.

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At one point in the video BBC interviews Jim Brulte, the chairman of the California Republican Party, about the issue, and he replies pretty frankly.

Stop A Commie

“Nobody wants families split, and the way to ensure that is if you’re a family, to not to come to this country illegally,” Brulte continued, “sometimes the sins of the father are visited upon the sons, and that’s unfortunate, [but] the government didn’t create those sins.”

It is sort of sad that the parents’ complete lack of respect for the rule of law in their adopted country is being felt by their children, but hey, as the saying goes “don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time.”

Seriously, are we supposed to feel bad? The whole video is pretty based, including the sad music meant to elicit emotions. It comes off so ironic the author literally broke out laughing at one point.

This anti-Trump propaganda piece feels more like something the Trump administration would release to prove it is keeping the promises President Trump made to the American public.



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