Based Stickman Arrested Once Again Because Of Berkeley

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Kyle Chapman, better known as the name that went viral on social media, Based Stickman, once again found himself behind bars in Berkeley, California. The latest charges come several months after Chapman’s initial arrest, making one wonder exactly how long Berkeley is going to persecute this man for hitting violent leftists with a stick.

The local Fox affiliate did an absolutely horrible article on Chapman’s arrest, referring to him alternatively as “Base Stickman” and “Stick Baseman,” as well as misspelling his last name as “Capman” at least once, proving that Baby Boomers should not be allowed into newsrooms any longer.

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From the article:

“Alameda County Superior Court Judge Mark A. McCannon also remanded Kyle Chapman into custody until he can pay it, and ordered Chapman to stay away from the Berkeley park where several political battles took place earlier this year including the “Battle of Berkeley” in April.

Capman is also ordered to stay away from the “No Marxism in America” rally in Berkeley on Sunday.

Chapman, whose social media nickname is “Stick Baseman,” and who lives in Daly City was charged was last week with possession of  a stick, or what police called a leaded cane or “billy.”

Chapman’s attorney, John Noonan, told reporters out of court that the charges seemed ‘trumped up’ and that his client is likely to enter a plea at his next court date, on Sept. 5.”

Honestly, just fucking how, HOW does this pass for journalism?

Chapman’s supporters have started a fundraiser to bail him out of jail at the website Back The Right. As of this article’s publication, almost $2,000 has been raised. This, in addition to Chapman’s own money, was enough to pay his bail.

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Prior to the arrest, Chapman made a Facebook post in which he insisted he was being “set up” with fabricated evidence suggesting he was carrying actual weapons at the First Battle of Berkeley. This seems like a pretty big reach, considering he went viral on the Internet for carrying a stick, not a lead pipe or a “billy.”

We hope Based Stickman beats these charges as hard as he beats violent alt-left commies with sticks.



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