Based Italy To Deploy Navy Warships Against Invading Migrant Boats

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According to a report from Reuters last week, Italy is planning to deploy multiple military vessels in Libyan waters in an attempt to stave off the massive influx of economic migrants invading their country through the Mediterranean. The ballsy initiative is slated to be brought before a parliamentary vote this week, and could be put into practice by late August.

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Over half a million African migrants have invaded Italy by sea since 2014, and the country’s economy is buckling under the pressure to continue accommodating new arrivals.

Despite the clear lack of benefits to the host nations they swarm into, leftist politicians have consistently trumpeted pro-refugee policies as part of the way to promote global unity, equality, and the punishment of Western powers for perceived past misdeeds.

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In reality, third-world migrants have a crippling effect on culture and economy. Political commentator Lauren Southern was detained by the Italian Coast Guard in May of this year for attempting to block the (illegal) arrival of more refugee boats.

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From Reuters:

The rules of engagement, the area of coastline to be patrolled and the nature of cooperation with Libya’s security forces have yet to be defined, the source said.

One thing is clear: Italy wants migrants picked up by its ships – should the Libyan coastguard not be able to intervene directly – to be returned to Libya and not taken to Italy.

“This all makes sense only if we can limit the arrival of migrants in Italy,” the source said.

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It’s good to see Italy finally moving in the right direction on this issue. The prospect of warships driving away invading boats with cannon fire is a truly exhilarating one, and would be a great example for some of Europe’s more cucked locales.

Damn the migrants, and full speed ahead!



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