Police Horse Dies During Antifa ‘Protest March’ in the Netherlands

A police horse died during a violent clash between Dutch police officers and violent far-left protesters last Sunday in the Netherlands. 

Dutch news agency ANP reports that the horse and its rider were surrounded by hundreds of Antifa “counter-demonstrators” who protested an event planned, licensed, and paid for by far-right European party Pegida.

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Reports suggest only around 20 members of Pegida attended the event, and police were forced to use horses and vehicles to keep the violent Antifa members from charging them. One of the horses died while protecting the Pegida members.

From Free West Media:

The police force, massively present, had to form cordons with horses and vehicles to prevent both Antifa from attacking the peaceful marchers.

The approximately twenty members of Pegida were allowed to walk around the edge of the city center, but were outnumbered. The police prevented a charge by their far-left violent opponents who had wanted to disrupt the anti-immigration march.

The police horse died during the tense standoff, collapsing due to heart failure near the Tunnelweg, close to the Central Station, the police confirmed.

Members of the far-left have faced accusations of animal cruelty and abuse during protests before. In 2016, an anti-Trump protester in Houston, Texas was accused of punching a police horse in the face, and the messy arrest was caught on video. Then in 2017, an Antifa protester was arrested in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, and stood accused of using a board with a nail in it to attack a police horse.

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While the police faced at least one casualty, the counter-demonstrators were caught on video fleeing the police in a full route.

European police are no strangers to Antifa violence. As Department of Memes reported earlier this year, documents released by Wikileaks reveal that the German government has referred to Antifa as a “terrorist organization” since at least 1979.



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