8 Reasons We Should Bomb The Sh*t Out Of North Korea

Inb4 “North Korea is Best Korea you Zionist shill.”

Fuck off.

1. They’ve Had It Coming

North Korean Generals in 1946

North Korea has a long and repulsive history of committing acts of war against the United States, spurred on by feelings of invincibility from backup by China and weak U.S. leadership.

Examples following the Korean War include the attack on the USS Pueblo, the EC-121 shootdown incident, the Korean DMZ Conflict, and numerous unlawful detentions of U.S. citizens in prison camps over the past fifty years.

It’s time for them to feel Uncle Sam’s big cock for once.

2. We’ve Had To Whip Them Into Line Before

God Emperor Trump

The Korean War was not the first time the United States has had to put a boot up Korea’s ass.

In 1871, the Korean Expedition was undertaken to punish Korea for attacking a U.S. merchant steamer that had been sent to negotiate a trade treaty.

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In the expedition, Korea was thoroughly humiliated, losing over 200 men compared to three American casualties. It was the type of imperialistic smack down that made us a feared player on the world stage in the days before globalist virtue signalling.

3. Yes, They Are A Threat

Image Credit: Johannes Barre

North Korea does indeed technically have the capability to strike the U.S. mainland, which is why the threats they make now are a lot more serious than in previous years.

In comments sections you may run across concern shills claiming that North Korea is actually an amazing sovereign nation, and that “neocon Drumpf” actually wants to slaughter their pure-hearted innocent citizens to set up banks or some shit.

These people should be duct-taped to the first MOABs dropped on Pyongyang.

4. Speaking Of MOABs

The Mother Of All Bombs has a 15-year shelf life, and 20 of them were made in 2003.

The Trump Administration already demonstrated the abilities of the MOAB earlier this year by dropping it on ISIS. No reason to let the rest of the Mothers go to waste.

5. Kim Jong Un Is A Fat Sack Of Shit

Stop A Commie
Image Credit: HarryCane

This should be enough, honestly.


When was the last time we honestly had a “Woo-hah America!” moment in our military action in the last forty years. Outside of a few assassinations of jihadi scum, our foreign policy has largely consisted of corporate wars and interventionism – bombing aspirin factories and building soccer field for little Muslim brats.

It’s about time we did something big on the world stage for our own self-interest, and flipped off the globalist scum at the UN.

7. It Might Be Time To Change The World

“Omigod Memelord For Hire are you actually advocating for nuclear war you sick bastard?!?”

Not necessarily, but something needs to change.

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The matrix we are stuck in at the moment is not working. The bountiful abundance of peace and economic prosperity has fostered cultural Marxist attitudes that threaten to disembowel the West from the inside out.

With no foreign adversaries to confront, our government has turned to spying on and enslaving its own citizens.

This isn’t just 1984, this is Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World, something big has to change if we are rebuild the greatness of Western society.

8. Unlike 70-IQ Goathumpers In The Middle East, Koreans Are Very, Very Smart

There is a wide body of research that suggests democracy and capitalism only work when a population has a high enough IQ, specifically, one in the lower 90s on average. It goes without saying that after centuries of cousin marrying and brother fucking, the shit-tier Middle Eastern countries the United States tried to force democracy on do not meet this criteria.

Think of some of the nations the Allies liberated during World War 2. Specifically, think about West Germany. It turned into an economic powerhouse and became one of the richest countries in the world once it got a little good old fashioned American freedom.

Here’s the think. Koreans, and East Asians in general, are even smarter than Germans on average.

A united Korea, or even just a liberated North Korea, could be the best, richest ally the United States has ever had.



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