9 Ways To Stop Being A Degenerate

1. Stop Watching Anime

There are many great things from Japan, but this certainly not one of them.

It’s time to stop. Delete the 100GB+ folder of anime you undoubtedly have on your computer, and stop being a lonely, fat, degenerate.

2. Stop Being A Headline Whore

God Emperor Trump

Only true degenerates see the headline of an article and immediately post in the comments without actually reading what they’re commenting on. It makes you look like a moron to people who actually read the article, so stop being a degenerate and give a fraction of a shekel to whatever website you’re commenting on.

3. Stop Listening To Any Rap Made After 2004

Preferably you should stop listening altogether, but if the desire is too strong, at least only patronize the actual founders of the genre instead of the Silicon Valley created gangsta rap approximations who depend entirely on sampled music from the 1970s, synthesized beats, and nearly indecipherable lyrics.

4. Stop Cursing Like A Goddamned Sailor

Profanity is fine in moderation, but it’s a sign of a low IQ when overused, as is often seen in ebonics.

5. Stop Wearing Basketball Shorts And Other Degenerate Vesture In Public

But what if I’m going out to play basketball?

Then you’re a degenerate.

Avoid looking unkempt and slovenly by forsaking baggy clothes in public.

Stop A Commie

Cargo shorts are an exception to this rule, as they seem to really trigger leftists when men wear them.

6. Stop Being Vegan

Let’s be honest. This looks fucking awful.


7. Stop Following Degenerate Meme Pages

You know whomst I am referring to.

8. Stop Being An Addict

This is a harder one because addiction can be hard to define. You should be able to identify when you are overindulging in sexuality, alcohol, vidya, the devil’s lettuce (and weed is not the cure for all ailments, shut up about it already), television, and other vices.

Addiction to memes is the one vice that should be embraced liberally.

9. Stop Projecting Your Own Degeneracy Onto Others

Projecting your subjective morality onto people is pathetic, especially when done to those whom you should be aligned with ideologically.

Those who crusade as moral authorities on non-political issues are often closeted degenerates, whether they be the Hollywood harlot, the outraged atheist, the pompous priest and pastor, or the indignant imam.



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